Since 1983 we work to assist our clients to be successful in the development, integration, implementation of their systems and in the training of their teams, bringing together the methods, processes and tools that best adapt to their business needs.

Our vision is based on continuous effort, from the evaluation to the institutional adoption of change, in an environment of mutual respect and high consideration for people.


Providing value is our differential

At Liveware we believe that quality is not enough to provide excellent services. The added value in each of our activities is the differential that distinguishes us since the creation of the company. Throughout our history we have developed a set of capabilities that allow us to add value continuously and fundamentally that it is perceived by our customers in each project we execute.

These capabilities are embedded in all our processes and developed in every member of our teams:


Always focus on the client’s problem, understand and/or help them to understand their problem and put it in context in order to design the most appropriate solution for their needs.


Liveware invests in training and continuous updating of knowledge in new technologies, methods and soft skills. Working at Liveware is to ensure a continuous learning process in different ways. Today, in view of the constant advance and changes in technology, it is as important to learn as it is to learn the content of learning itself.


This refers to the positioning towards the client, the handling of conflicts and the generation of trust with every person involved by the client in each project. A collaborative, respectful and committed attitude is sometimes much more important than the technical knowledge applied to the solution.


By understanding, through focus, the client’s problem and having the right knowledge, it is possible to innovate with low risk by experimenting together with the client innovative solutions that bring real value.


Part of our work processes, whatever kind of project, is to transfer knowledge to the client so that the experience gained in our services is converted into new skills that can be applied in the resolution of similar problems.


Establishing long-term relationships, even if they are not necessarily always related to specific projects. Involving our clients in the evolution of our services is a way of building a link that generates new business opportunities and greater support for them.